I don’t do that any more. I did about 1,000 pet walks, visits and sleepovers and asked for help once and everyone was busy. My mother was dying in hospice 1,500 miles away, and finally someone came up to the plate and took care of Zoe.

Now people want me to do it here. Free. No reciprocity. No No No!

Emergency care, yes I’ll do it. I’m getting too old for this kind of duty outside of our own dog and have asked folks not to recommend me. I know, that will mean I’ll have to charge through the nose. No, I’m not going that route.

I am a retired consultant with a great husband and hip-less wonder dog nearly 12 years old. Oh, we brought one dog with bone cancer out on a cart to use the local facilities. He died over a year ago and we still place water on his favorite tree. For Wurli as well, a dear neighbor. You might know his owner, the rock god Plush. Dee


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