Shock and Awe

We moved 1,500 miles away. We stopped at the Grand Hotel Cheyenne WY for the night with our dog. It was interesting and we’ve been back since that time.

The air was very dry. There were brass Native American plates outside of every door. We learned how to get a little shock each time so not to be blitzed when we went to the elevator, which holds perhaps four guests with no luggage.

The awe is that there was this Mrs. something pageant and all these older women had their husbands or boyfriends carrying gowns and suitcases and they each walked ahead with their makeup bag.

We ordered takeout, took the dog out, with several elevator visits shock and awe-worthy and went to sleep. They let us take the dog into the restaurant for breakfast. Her leash was around my chair. They gave her water, so kind. We checked out and our car was loaded out front while we had bacon and eggs. Don’t worry, we had our dog’s food on ice.

It was an interesting, historic room where they allowed us to stay with our pup and we got some local color as well! I’ve told Trip Advisor we’d stay again. Cheers, Dee


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