Dogs In Town

The rumor is that there will be no more dogs allowed on outdoor patios at restaurants and that no business owner will be allowed to place a water bowl out for dogs outside their door.

An environmental expert for the city just told me:

“The … Health Department does allow dogs in the outdoor patios of restaurants and other places that sell food and have a patio.  We require that the operator/owner of a food establishment ask us for a variance from State Code to  allow for dogs at the outdoor seating area.  Not all food establishment(s, sic) want dogs at their outdoor seating area but that is their choice.”

No word yet from the people I elected.

I think I need to move to Italy. There, even inside the restaurant your dog can stay at your feet or in your arms. Not that I want a Paris Hilton boutique purse dog. It’s enough to “Otis” my 30# hipless wonder to the bed four times a night. No, it’s not glamorous. And heaven forbid she wear silk pajamas. No, don’t even give her the idea. It’s enough to get on her winter coat for severe rain and snow. My husband bought paw mitts for ice but I can’t get her to wear them as I’d just like a fresh dog towel inside for her to sit on, dry her paws and roll around. Woof woof, Dee


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