Eyes Wide Open

Yes, I got up early and before seven I peeked in to see the dog. I motioned her to come to me and she was looking at me but not seeing me because she was sound asleep, eyes wide open. Freaky.

There are thunderstorms going on but no rain yet, thunder is getting louder by the minute but she wants her beauty sleep!

As I wait for Zoe to come see me to go out then get fed, we said goodbye to a work friend. We’re glad to know him and he’s as old-school as me, writing a note thanking us for all we’ve done. He’s done more for us. He’s an author and I’ll be telling you about his new book. No, not selling it. This is not a monetized site.

Oh, it just started pouring rain. Zoe’s not going to like this but she should have awakened a half-hour ago. Darn. We’re supposed to have thunderstorms all day. She hates involuntary wetness but loves baths. By me, of course with our own system. My husband does 20 minutes of hard bathing. I do five minutes of dog massage. Guess who she loves? We’ll let you hang on that while I wake her and do the “two minute pee.” Here’s to our Best Friends, Dee


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