History on the Wall

Over the years I’ve had the occasion to purchase and frame art. Early in college it was a poster on a concrete wall in a dorm room. Then it was prints in plastic with plastic frames. I always keep three in my kitchen, the one in plastic is the best, from Stattsgallerie Stuttgart by Hallbrund, who made fans of great works, mine is a Degas. The other two are simply framed, peaches from a Montreal farmers’ market and a NY Times article about funny menus from 1991, a holiday gift.

My first work of real art is hanging in the uniframe it’s been in for 20 years. That needs to be changed. I’ve done a lot of framing and love it. One of my last was a crayon drawing my Aunt sent me saying it needed to be framed. It was a drawing at age five of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion. At age five that was the pinnacle of my artistic works. It’s my husband’s favorite picture.

Of course we have gorgeous quilts courtesy of my M-I-L but I did another for my husband, the Brooklyn Bridge. Then Dad started painting at age 80 and did Tuscan landscapes and Maori art patterns. I’ve also framed my photos of Vermont and Western NY and scattered family.

I must thank K for helping me with the latest batch for a while. She’s a genius with color and frames. I’ve two more to do. Nearly everything is double-matted with 98% glare resistant glass. They are beautifully done and enhance our home.

Today I pick up a simple piece for my father, news of his new award. I think he’ll like it. Cheers, have a great day!  I’ve two dogs to take out. Whoopsie. Dee


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