Herder and Sighthound

They’re both sleepers. They’ve already been out and fed and it’s a little after 7 a.m. Guest dog L sleeps with her eyes open and knows every move I make. She’s right beside my office chair. Zoe the herder is behind the door in our bedroom, on the bed while my husband works.

I’m starting to think our guest is more of a herder as she has to have me in sight at all times. Once again I’m the food wench and person who keeps all things stable.

Stability is nice from time to time, especially for our dogs who depend on us for it. As our Sighthound guest lives here for a couple of days I wonder about the Greyhounds I cared for after the race track when, amazingly, most could be transformed with two weeks of solid care. This particular sighthound was acquired as a pup and has led a wonderful life.

One was AKC, show dog. The Greys didn’t like him. Another was an AKC that was raised with Rottweilers. The Greys hated him. What I like about this temporary engagement is that our dogs are so beta that a herder and sighthound get to be together and while their strengths and weaknesses are evident that they are more the same than different. Plus, they get along great and a day in, they even sleep near each other.

If only people could get along so well…… Dee


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