We Agreed

I’ve been greeting my Swedish neighbor G more often. We decided that he was not to test me on my Kottsbullar, or Swedish meatballs. I will not test him on my Texas chili. We had a great time making both for family.

We will get together here with other fare. Fair. I believe. I just checked my stats and there’s someone from Sweden and I know it’s his dad. We had a great time touring last summer and I say hello and wish you well!

Hej hur mår du

It was a healthy cooking competition and learning exercise. It’s great to be neighbors and share dinners from time to time. Find a neighbor with a different cooking style. Friends are to be met, nurtured and cherished. Dee


2 responses to “We Agreed

  1. I hope I said hello and thank you. If not, that’s what I meant…..

  2. G, tomorrow, will finally get some things he wanted here on his long-term stay in the US. A Kitchenaid mixer. We look forward to seeing it and having him make us my Texas chili. He also got a girlfriend and birthday gifts for her. Shhhh. Let’s think of me taking him to the butcher and finding the right meat for his Swedish meatballs, Kottsbullar. I’ve an oath for him to test me on that. He came over for milk to make his girl pancakes! Wow. We can do chili another day. If you’re reading G don’t be embarassed. Say hi to your dad.

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