I cleaned the house, vacuumed and dusted, then combed at least three dogs worth out of Zoe. I keep a gallon baggie in a drawer with a number of implements for dog torture, all combs, rakes, a slicker brush and even a bottle of avocado oil in dry times when her fur needs moisture to rid it of static electricity.

Then we met our house guest who arrives this evening. She’s young, under 2 I believe, and gorgeous. An American Silken Windhound. Cross between perhaps Whippet and Borzoi? She was so shy as a pup but likes people and many other dogs and I think it’ll work out just fine. She and Zoe get along great.

After all that vacuuming, after the Windhound left on a test visit I looked around and there was dog hair everywhere. Zoe is tan/white undercoat. Her buddy L is solid black. There was not a black hair anywhere. Trade? Anyone?

I spent 1/2 hour combing her and yet she had enough left to get tufts and individual undercoat fur all over the place! We’ll see how it goes. It’s early morning and she just came to the den to see me. I’ll take her out and feed her and she may sleep. Heaven knows, showing off for her buddy will not allow her to sleep 20 hours a day!

She does not usually impart wisdom, just bad habits she’s picked up over the years. I’m hoping her guest will teach her to jump up to the car or bed, and not to eat her guest’s food. We’ll see. Have a great day! Dee

ps Zoe has an evil twin I’ve never met, Chloe. She lives under the bed by my pillow and leaves fur everywhere. Let me know if you see her in the neighborhood…


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