Why me. As one ages he or she has to ask that quesion. I was sent out into the world to learn, to help thousands of pets avoid euthanasia while adopting four from shelters over the past 25 years.

I believe I was also called to take care of one man I dearly love and have been with for 14 years. Yes he is my husband for 12, a genuis and I gave up my career to tend to him and his career.

As my head hit the pavement on an afternoon walk with husband and dog last month, on the crosswalk I commissioned and was finally re-painted last week, I still have pavement fragments in my face.

Is this another test? You sent me arthritis at age 27, and other plagues. You sent me here to help people and animals and are making me sick so I can do nothing for either.

I am not Job. Please allow me to continue my work for you. Thank you, God, Dee


One response to “Why?

  1. I awakened near 4 a.m. today having “processed” a couple of teeny pavement particles through both eyes even though I fell on my left side. I flushed them with my husband’s contact solution and used a wet towel to dab at what came out.Vision seems fine. There’s very little left inside my head and I’d rather a surgeon not cut into my face and stitch me up.

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