The Marinade

I changed it up today, at the top of the food processor my husband’s family gave us as a wedding gift over 12 years ago:

Two Saturn peaches, 1 shishito pepper, blackened and with seeds, a bit of honey and probably a tablespoon of fresh pomegrante seeds, salt and pepper, It was served over a perfectly cooked pork tenderloin that had been dry-rubbed with salt, pepper, smoked paprika and a bit of sugar for about an hour.

It was served with an heirloom baby potato salad and a romaine salad. My husband loves his ranch dressing, because he grew up on a ranch with good folks. I did not use that except on his salad.

His Mom will never make this salsa, she’ll think it’s strange. Her youngest grand-daughter got her learners’ permit today and Dad took her out to a parking lot to drive. That’s what my father did. He said “you need to drive a stick to go to work tomorrow.” And that I did.

Sorry for giving you strange ingredients, you have to find your own way as I have done. Just look at what’s new and fresh and let your mind do the rest. Always shop the outside of the store. I gave some of my pork with sauce and potato salad with heirloom baby potatoes/salad to a friend and he loved it.

Oh, we may have a guest in a few days. A very sweet dog. We’re just checking compatability, walkability and food. That means keeping my chow hound out of her food. I’m sure it’ll go well. She was shy at first but we’ve gotten along well. Have a great day and keep reading, write in from time to time as I love hearing from you. Dee


One response to “The Marinade

  1. She was so sweet and I’m sure we can live together and walk together. We will figure out sleeping and food once she arrives. I think she can teach our old girl some things and our old girl can teach her wisdom and how to hoodwink humans. She’s a doc and wants to leave her dog with Zoe. That’s the way it goes. I’ll have to watch Zoe for bad behavior. Not nasty or biting or anything, just devious. Since she was a pup years ago she’d pick up a bad habit at a kennel or farm. Now, she can share some with her young cousin. I’m the middleman in this and will step in when needed.

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