A letter to the National Trust for Historic Preservation:

The Star-Spangled Banner is sung at every game in the nation, yet Fort McHenry was deemed unsavable due to a transportation overpass, then saved because Francis Scott Key penned our National Anthem during war. Our National Trust for Historic Preservation is helping historic structures such as Fort McHenry and others including the Amphitheater at Chautauqua Institution, an institution that had FDR’s I Hate War speech at the Miller Cottage, Presidents and world leaders, artists, dancers, musicians play “The Amp.” They did critique the paint and one said “save me, paint me” and did a musical bet over weeks to figure out whether James Galway’s flute would beat a trumpet, then a tuba in the one-minute Flight of the Bumblebees. Galway laid down the gauntlet. I do not know who won but it was a fight for the historic Amphitheater that goes on today.

Please protect Section 4(f) in the Transportation Bill. Your leadership will allow us to save natural and man-made resources that are our nation’s history.

Europe keeps things for millenia, centuries and make things work without building roads through or over them. Think about it. We think 100 years is old and tear down beautiful homes and libraries and think new is better. We have a history as Americans and have a duty to keep our history alive. What’s better than taking a tour with in-laws through the Adirondacks to visit Revolutionary War sites? Remembering Haym Solomon Day in New York, I helped pass that without knowing the family but he helped bankroll our country against the Brits. Please vote for your family’s history, and ours. Respectfully, Dee


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