My husband had a 90-minute flight Monday morning. They texted him. They texted me separately 8 times between 11:30 at night and 4:30 this morning when I got up and turned off the ringer.

It was delayed, cancelled, reinstated, then delayed again and again. He finally left 2 1/2 hours after his departure time and then at his destination, they were kept on the tarmac for over an hour. Supposedly on an “active runway” they could not unbuckle seat belts, use the lavatory or even get a glass of water.

This is not acceptable. My husband has a full day of meetings today, underwent a time change and this kind of stress is perpetrated on the public who pay good money to take a plane to a destination. First they have TSA, and 95% of their agents don’t know their buttocks from their elbows. Yes, that was on the news just last week.

Then we must deal with airlines and the FAA. Hello, Greyhound? Do you have a bus to Atlanta next week? Hello, AMTRAK, goodbye as you’ve no service whatsoever as we were 14 hours late for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.

We now drive most places but this wasn’t an option for my husband for this trip. Let’s hope he gets home safe tomorrow night. Wishing it so, Dee


One response to “Airlines

  1. Same airline, at least three hours late for original departure time in order to come home and he’s already been at the airport for an hour. It’s a long day. It will be longer, if yesterday was a harbinger of fate and delay, so he’ll get a hotel and make them take him home in the morning if it goes past three hours. This is awful. We miss him and can’t do anything about this. I’ve told him as a joke that I’ve had someone buy the airline and now they’re calling it Delay. No, not Tom DeLay, he’s an old joke.

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