NYC Has a Few Clouds

This means my husband’s plane home has a 200 minute delay and growing. Where I grew up (not NYC) a few clouds didn’t change the nation’s air traffic pattern. Where my husband’s family owned a dairy in Texas no weather ever stopped them milking cows when he was a kid.

My husband has a days’ worth of meetings and an entire day’s worth of delays, not flight time, delays. This is irresponsible for the airports, airlines, TSA and everyone at port authorities who make big money because they’re quasi-governmental agencies and do not have to report salaries or bonuses to we, the people, who pay them.

We pay a lot of taxes. We expect the FAA and regulated agencies to perform when a person buys a ticket on any type of public transportation. We expect that when there is a meeting in another state, some form of public transportation (usually a plane) will be available to get to said meeting. Not eight hours of delays for eight hours work.

It may stretch to more hours and my husband will have to stay overnight in another city and not at home with family. He’s supposed to get in at nine tonight but now it’s nearing 1 a.m. because of a few clouds. Get over it. I know you’re flying and doing the more “important” routes before you let my husband board a plane. You’ve probably said the plane had a technical malfunction and will keep people there for hours, you already cancelled two planes for this destination and those folks will go first and the airport hotels will fill up and my husband will have to sleep at the airport. Shame on the FAA, airlines, airports. And the TSA.

Not so cheerily, Dee


3 responses to “NYC Has a Few Clouds

  1. The airlines count it in minutes, so my husband’s plane is delayed by over 400 minutes. The plane there has not landed yet, not for another hour or so. I hope he caught planes to other cities because this is a security and baggage strike that was supposed to hit on Thursday but started on Monday. My husband is an honest man, son of a dairyman. This flight was a business trip and he’s spent many more hours waiting for flights at airports than meeting, Now I have to call the airline because his bags may take days to come home. Pay people decent wages and keep them accountable for their work. If 95% of TSA agents are faulty, either train them or replace them.

  2. Now it’s not 12:38 from a flight that should have arrived at 8:38 p.m. It’s 1:23 CST. Hello Delay, sorry, Delta airline, my husband is up there and tired as he will be from all your delays over the past two days you better get him home safe because I’m here and know how things work or can learn quickly.

  3. He got home safe. For a 90 minute flight it only took nine hours. I’m up and he’s sleeping like a baby, as he should. Zoe, our herding dog, didn’t know what to do with me in the “office.” She came out with me because in an hour I’ll take her out and feed her. She loves bed and will go back after all that but I’m called the food wench for a reason. I am her favorite person but he’s the “fun guy.”

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