We were unable to have kids. We love them and just had two over last night with Grandma to make an anniversary dessert for their parents.

They did so well, I think next time the kids visit I’ll do Pizza Night. That’s always a hit. Italian OO flour, great cheese and about 17 toppings to choose from. I proof their dough first and make all the toppings, then have them learn to make 1/2 batch of dough for us for later on. It’s a great learning experience.

It is a  wonderful “class” for me as well to see what the kids like and do not like. Anchovies, caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, roasted butternut squash, and the cheeses. Gorgonzola Dolce, great Mozarella. Goat cheese. Sauteed spinach. Artichokes.

My dear Aunt L taught me to taste and ask questions later. I’m taking a bit of a different path allowing kids to follow their taste buds and branch out. A while ago we hosted two kids, age two and six. The six year-old boy wanted simple cheese pizza. The younger girl wanted to taste everything and made great choices. I love her bravada.

The neighbor’s grandkids, C and A, love our dog Zoe. When they visit they actually stand in front of our door whispering her name. Of course her little ears hear it and she runs to the door to announce visitors, vociferously.

We love kids. I hope their parents appreciate the anniversary gift they made. I know the grands do. Thanks, K! Hope they got to bed on time. Dee


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