Not the usual kind. I’m used to it at work, at home, in the kitchen et al. This was more fun.

Our neighbor’s grandkids came over to make parfaits with graham crackers, vanilla yogurt, blueberries and raspberries. We’re keeping with the patriotic theme.

They made two cups for themselves, two for their parents’ anniversary tomorrow, and two for Grandma and Grandpa. That’s helping three generations, multi-tasking.

They had quite an assembly line going on when Grandma came in to watch (yes, she was not allowed to work but sat on the other side of the counter).

I’m so happy to do things for folks around here and believe that if more did so it would be a community rather than just a place to live. I know many people and our dog makes it easy to do so.

Hey, if you’re single ask to rent a dog. A cute and friendly one. Like bees to honey, the guy will ask you out and women, forget it. The cute guy pets Fido and is over the moon for you. Then you can tell him you rented the dog for a date.

Multi-tasking. See. I just got a good business opportunity out of this! Cheers, Dee


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