The Evil Twin

Zoe has routines, as a herding dog. Yes, she herds me with a load of laundry, and watches my every move.

She needs Otis-ing (I’m the elevator) to the bed at night then she jumps down and goes UBD (under-bed dog) for a while then whines to get back up. She has no hips so I’m OK with awakening to meet that need.

At about 4:00 am she goes UBD because even if the shades are down, she needs her beauty sleep. She looks better than both of us, together, and she’s 80 in people years.

She has an undercoat and someone leaves fur underneath the bed. That is her evil twin Chloe. Chloe leaves a mess of fur underneath that is tough to vacuum. If I ever meet her I’ll have to give her a talking-to. Texas-style. The fact that I’ve never seen her or walked or fed her is unimaginable. All I do is remove Chloe’s fur from under the bed. Zoe knows nothing about this so please don’t tell about her evil twin. I don’t think they’ve ever met. It must be why she’s so gorgeous, all that beauty sleep. Cheers, Dee


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