The NedCil

I had a temp job at the Department of Education right after college. It was a six-week gig so I could find better employment.

What was I doing? Correcting applications for college scholarships. Name in boxes, address. These people couldn’t spell their names or fill in boxes so I had to do it for them. It was a ridiculous exercise for a $200/yr scholarship.

The effort allowed me to go to the state capitol to look for work. It was highly controlled. We were not allowed to use pens, only pencils. Ned controlled the pencils. Each one had “Ned” taped on it.

One day I had an interview with the speaker’s staff across the street and asked to take my breaks and lunch time to do so. No. Absolutely not.

Fifteen minutes before my interview I quit, left the building and never looked back. I got the job as an analyst and my life was changed. Today, my husband likes this story so much he calls my automated non-labeled pencils Ned-cils. Enjoy your weekend! Dee


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