Nothing But Blue Skies

do I see. I can see, both eyes now. We get to have kids over to make a graham cracker/yogurt/berry parfait for themselves, their parents and grandparents tomorrow.

There’s an air show next week that we have great seats for, indoors and free. Well, my husband would deliberate the definition of “free” as I think I’ll grind the meat and make my Texas chili and cornbread a la Lady Bird Johnson circa 1962. Just add guests. Yes, I am a purist, grind my own meat Texas-style and do my own pure spice blend. And what have I said 100 times before? Nanny, tell them. There are no beans in Texas chili.

There’s most of a chicken breast in a lemongrass seasoning marinade, and a raw skirt steak in the frig. It’ll be warm and humid outdoors but cool and tasty in the Magic Room. That’s what we call it for the dog as she hasn’t figured out those words yet. The kitchen is the magic place where her dinner happens. Yes, twice a day she gets her raw food. We love having young people and dogs around. Can’t wait to meet Max, hope this new pup’s owner will trust Aunt Dee with Jake’s family (Jake died last year). Cheers and have a wonderful weekend! Dee


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