Kid-Friendly Dessert

There’s no real recipe here, just a suggestion. There was a baby shower I could not attend last week so I made the family a vegetarian lasagne (see site for 10 Minute Lasagne) and promised a dessert.

I wanted to make a graham cracker “Napoleon” with local rhubarb jam, whipped cream and berries. I was worried that if I made it in advance the graham crackers would be soft and not pretty.

A sage woman friend six weeks younger than me said I should make it interactive for the kids so I did. She gave me plastic cups so two boys, age 6 and 3, could make a parfait and see their progress.

Graham crackers, a gallon bag. Take a few crackers in the bag, pulverize them with a rolling pin or fists (they’re boys) and place crumbs in the cup, top with whole milk vanilla yogurt (kids need calcium and fat is OK) and some sliced strawberries and blueberries, repeat. Check progress through plastic cup (almost like an ant hill farm I got as a kid).

Make them for yourselves, then for your parents. Hopefully Mommy is sitting on the sofa preparing for the birth of your new little brother or sister. This is to motherhood, and giving kids a treat as an homage to my trifle, who everyone everywhere loves. This is Dee, and I wrote a really great piece that was erased so with lemons, comes lemonade. I’ll write it again. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Kid-Friendly Dessert

  1. We put the recipe to a test today, for us and a friend. Tomorrow I’ve arranged to borrow our neighbors’ grandkids for 15 minutes to make dessert for and deliver to themselves, their parents and grandparents. Delicious! The graham crackers tend to absorb the yogurt so may be best left not all crumb-like but with more texture. That’s just me. The 15 minutes will be more. They’ll play with our dog, as they always do when visiting. I hear them whispering her name outside the door, to get me to open it. So sweet. We love kids.

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