There’s something about seeing an air show that is powerful and worth keeping in mind.

The warm-up is what I like best as they go off-show and show off.

Tonight, in bed with the shades down I am listening to all the planes land, including one commercial flight. Plane after plane, seconds apart. I have to get back to it.

It’s the back story of all these pilots getting together and when I hear it I can see it. It’s the wind and it has already shifted so I am not hearing any more planes coming in for landing. I think it shifts every two minutes and would not want to be directing planes at this destination.

My vision has been tested this week (big plane coming in) so maybe my hearing has improved. I like to tell you that I remember things and can actually see the planes doing their tricks while I hear them flying in. Please be with our troops and recognize all their work on our behalf. Respectfully, Dee


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