RIP Wurli

Wurli was a friend, a great dog and companion. I am so sorry to know that he’s gone.

This is for Liam:

Wurli, a treasure

For another adventure

Remembered always

This bad Haiku is from your friends across the street, OK I’m guilty. Zoe and I will pour a glass of water on his favorite tree as a tribute. We know where it is. With condolences, Dee


One response to “RIP Wurli

  1. We did leave water on Wurli’s favorite tree with a prayer, also remembering Jake and my old dog Chani who died 14 years ago. Then I saw Jake’s “dad” and his ceremonial box with the angel I gave them atop it and stopped to say another prayer. He’s moving out. I cried. I’ll lose Jake and everyone. Aunt Dee is always here. There’s another pup on the way, courtesy of Jake’s family. Oh I’d love to see this pup. When Jake got tired of my old dog (same age) he’d lock himself in the bathroom for a break! What a great pup this must be…..

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