Eight days ago I tripped and fell, while walking our dog, on a crosswalk I asked for and got designated. They do no re-paint it and no-one ever stops even though it is state law to do so.

I took a header that started with my knees, hand, shoulder and head and have the first black eye in my aged life, after years of athletics so I know how to fall. My husband was out with us on this serene late afternoon walk and tried to save me from a fall but the dog was between us and he could not do so.

Now, people will not ask the obvious question about my black eye because they think my husband beats me. Other than a few involuntary elbow movements during sleep over the past fourteen years my husband has never touched me in a manner unbefitting a gentleman.

Kids ask. They want to know the truth. I tell them my eye looks ugly but it doesn’t hurt. Look both ways (we did) and always wear good shoes with tread on them. Adults think my husband beat me so look down and ignore me. Where did we go wrong in life? A taxi cab driver actually stopped when I fell. I don’t remember that.

I fell on pavement. I told people about it. Nurses have advised me on how to care for myself. My husband insists on taking off the bandage every day. Next thing I know someone will call it in as domestic violence. It is vehicular harassment.

As for me, it’s a city/county dispute and no, I do not want to sue them for “my” crosswalk, just want it re-painted with slip-resistant paint. And a flippy thing in the middle that says it’s State law to stop for pedestrians.

Speed demons go up and down our street in rush hours. I’ve many bruises and now can reconstruct exactly how I fell. My knees will be swollen for months. Hand, I don’t know. Shoulder and eye, play the dice. But my husband tried to save me when I tripped. He has helped every day. There are good husbands out there, and great ones. I got a great one. He opened the car door, took my hand and always kept me in his heart.

I tripped walking the dog. Now I have to explain this to kids and I’m OK with that. Adults avoid me as I’ve the plague. I am an advocate and have written laws that governed millions of people, including human and civil rights. Why do adults who see a woman with a black eye always think domestic violence? I’m sure there are cameras out there, I may be able to have them pull the footage. Just like a cop show.

I’m Aunt Dee, just asked for vet recommendations yesterday. I’m Dee, the gal who brings treats like lasagne and pizza to staff. I took a spill that I’ll deal with for months. Please know even though my eye looks bad for now, I’m always here, now that I have two eyes to see through and write. Cheers! Dee


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