Good Things, Bad Things

A few bad things happened last week with family and work. I do not wish to dwell on these as I’ve been reading papers since four o’clock this morning and have crafted a response by seven.

The good things start with us buying the blandest seedless watermelon ever. I’d rather drink a glass of water with a touch of lemon juice than go through the mess of breaking down a watermelon. My husband eats it with a hint of salt (surprised it’s not sugar, as he’s a proud Texan) and that didn’t do the trick. I added a tablespoon of my new peach salsa and it worked for me. I brought a plate downstairs and was told it was the boldest and most innovative item I’d ever donated. Yes, I have to depend upon someone else’s husband to tell me this.

There’s a Japanese lady that walks around the neighborhood the same time Zoe and I do in the early morning. She likes to practice tennis against a wall at the courts nearby. We spoke two mornings now. Zoe likes her and tried to lick her and I said “no.” She petted Zoe and said we must have had her a long time. 11.5 years, yes. She said her coat was soft and she was happy and very few dogs were that lucky. Wise woman. I’ve raised this dog since she was six weeks old and have told you I’ve never met a happier critter in my life. My former adoptees (all were adopted) were abused or starving or sick. Zoe did spend five weeks of her life in squalor and had severe coccidia and hookworms but her eyes were closed most of the time and all she did was eat and sleep and crawl over her litter-mates so I don’t think she remembers that part of her life.

She is kind with adults, children, other dogs, even the occasional cat. Forget squirrels, they’re prey as are mice. Not sure about bunnies. She doesn’t care for birds, especially the turkey who lives here and gets his pardon every year at Thanksgiving. Here’s to concentrating on the good things. I live and wait for the city/county to replace the flag on the Lake before July 3. Patriotically, Dee


One response to “Good Things, Bad Things

  1. The big fireworks are today, the 3rd of July. Guess what? They replaced the flag on government territory at the beach yesterday. It was raised once, don’t know if it was lowered ceremoniously (yes, I used to regulate flag law and 150 other things). Now it has been raised once more. Yea! Happy 4th.

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