Sunshine on My Shoulders

As a kid we made fun of His Rocky Mountain Highness. Then I learned his songs with my guitar at age 50, when I took it up. He had a passion, and my husband and I love the mountains.

In the morning, we get sun very early, starting around 4:15 a.m. I’ve always risen with the sun. At about four, our hip-less herding dog jumps down from our bed and goes underneath the bed by me to get her beauty sleep away from sunlight and to assure I won’t go anywhere without her.

If I get up at 4:30, by 5:00 she will open the bedroom door and relocate away from sun, and sleep. If I’m here in the office she’ll be a foot from my chair. She wants to sleep. It’s five in the morning.

Daily, I’ve real sunshine and Zoe’s (the dog) sunshine on my shoulders and I’m lucky for those gifts.

If we were ever to renew our vows (we eloped) with family present we may even choose a John Denver song. I just lost all of Gen X. Johnny Cash? That’s not in the cards right now. Right now there’s a beautiful sky and it’s not even six in the morning. Cheers, have a great day! Dee


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