Ladies, you should have seen this cute guy at the meat counter at the grocery. He specified two pork chops on the bone. He remembered seeing me around. I recommended a peach salsa I created last week. He said he really doesn’t cook.

Of course I thought he had a hot date tonight and might be on the marriage track. He’s nearly young enough to be my son, so don’t get any ideas there, I’m happily married.

I asked about a peach salsa to put atop the pork chops when grilled. He said no. Then I ran into him in the elevator and told him I’d whip up some peach/shallot/honey and sriracha salsa.

I tried to match a name to his home with no luck and for the third time today, he walked in the door and asked “is this my sauce?” Unfortunately he was eating both pork chops himself before going out later tonight with his buddies.

Once he tastes this salsa he’ll cook for the right woman and be on the marriage track. I Dee-guarantee it.

He said he wanted to pay me back, in pet wee wee pads. I told him our 11.5 year old Zoe will never pee in the house or on the deck. Maybe in 6-7 years he’ll have a client. It was kind of him to offer. Cheers and hoping for good results for pet folk and single gents alike. All he has to do is man the grill and make a salad, open a bottle of wine and say cheers! Bella Ragazza, hi beautiful girl, Dee


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