Selling Out

On the Pride issue, I worked hard and have many friends of different persuasions. I get it and really know that everyone deserves a right to live and work and be different.

The legislator I worked with on this issue and saw it pass the Assembly over 30 years ago chastised me. We were both eating free food in NYC, my first time at Tavern on the Green. He chastised me for working in real estate, doubling my salary and getting me out from under my boss who insisted on doing my job.

He told me I sold out. Now I see his website and he sold out. I went into non-profits and volunteer work and helping my husband change the world through technology. No, there’s no mini-me here except for the dog. And we are not on a big ship looking for ha ha “one million dollars.”

I sold out for a life of working with non-profits and he sold out for a lot more. He should have not criticized me that day. It did help me quit my job, but he sold out on a big scale and I do not have victories I should share with him today. Dee


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