Congratulations to the Supreme Court! I started working on this issue over 30 years ago but never thought it would go the distance. Thank goodness it did. Do you know why?

This is my theory. AIDS. The government denied it, conveniently forgot to fund research into it, and blamed it on gay men. Then tennis star Arthur Ashe died from a blood transfusion and all of a sudden it became the disease of the decade.

I worked on a project in So Cal years ago, and it did not fully succeed but made great strides because gays and lesbians knew how to organize. Sad to say, it was because of AIDS.

Years ago we pioneered the first sexual orientation legislation in the country. Steven Sanders authored it, I only helped it through. In the 80’s we just wanted jobs and housing and no discrimination. The dissenting votes on the Court today were telling.

I know many gays and lesbians. I am heterosexual, married many years with a great dog, too. She’s named Zoe, Greek for life. My husband’s family will not like to read this entry. My family and friends will like it. Dee


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