Happy and Safe

There is a dichotomy in our household recently, as my husband is working from home much of the time. I’ve moved into the office so we set one up for him in our bedroom with en suite bath so he only comes out to say hello, get a Dr. Pepper.

Our dog Zoe is very concerned right now as she wants to have access everywhere and doesn’t know where to go when he shuts the door, and she cannot herd us all the time. Oh, she’s an Aussie mix.

I must say that of all the thousands of dogs and cats I’ve dealt with over the past 20 years as a volunteer, Zoe is the happiest creature I’ve ever met. We’ve had her since she was six weeks old, she’s now 11.5, happy and healthy.

She’ll do anything for an adult, child, other dog, even cats. My first dog Chani was abused by a Deputy Sheriff, kicked, and pelted with rocks from neighborhood kids over the fence. I knew her for a year at the shelter then adopted her and had her, kids and moms loved her, for ten years.

Zoe was so sick when we got her at six weeks, coccidia and hookworms and I had that taken care of immediately. She also needed her hips removed as a pup, worst hip dysplasia her vet ever saw. I didn’t have to teach her anything but going outside. She’s been a natural with people and cats and other dogs and unlike other shelter pets I’ve worked with, she is trusting and kind and has always felt safe since we had the opportunity to adopt her.

She is getting older but she remains happy and safe, and we will take care of her ’til the end. I’m getting older too but may have another pup in me, to care for. Our Zoe has a few years in her, we hope. To saving graces, canine, Dee


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