Corporate America

They own people, have for years. They were called and still are called slaves. Indentured servitude is what I call it. Sign a contract to get a job and you promise never to work for anyone in that business for at least two years after you leave or are laid off. Not just clients, anyone who might give you work. And they add other businesses to the ban list that have nothing to do with theirs.

We’re OK with the non-disclose of corporate secrets part. When one is paid as little as the corporation wishes to pay, then that company keeps one from feeding a family for two years, I call that indentured servitude. Then the contract you signed years ago makes you pay for legal fees when they sue you for getting a job to simply keep a roof over your head.

The worst contract I’ve come across and we fought was that every idea my husband had from birth until death is their property. They have no right to any information other than that which was created on their premises for their use. If my husband wants to work on a motorcycle, a Beemer he named Mary Lou, his first girlfriend, anything he invents or designs is sacred to our garage, not a corporation that is a bank. He is not using their equipment, he’s at home with his hobby. The company does not own the contents of his brain.

I believe that contract included me as well. So dear, how about we use flint to light the fire? Also, could we slice the bread I just made on said fire? And how about you make us a fork to deal with that dinosaur steak you have on the spit you created?

I thought I grew up in a land of freedom and democracy. We still have slavery. Investigate the corporations for civil and human rights violations. I can see the 3:00 a.m. legal ads now for compensation arrangements. Dee


One response to “Corporate America

  1. Yeah, I know, we need to wait for another Supreme Court. Just thinking….

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