You know all those ads you see for cable companies all comparing DirecTV to Dish Network? I’ve no choice. I’ve DirecTV.

After paying on time for well over three years I was ill and missed a payment by about ten hours. I called to apologize and made the payment. I was told that my credit card number would be held for six months and my bill paid in advance if I didn’t behave.

I tried a very nice letter to the company’s president and their public relations office rejected it. I tried to call and was given the run-around.

Knowing all of this was going to happen beforehand I changed my card. Unfortunately my husband designed a surprise, our dog on my new card. She looks, in this unfortunate photo of a wonderful and beautiful girl, like a dog in an ASPCA or HSUS photo of a dog chained outside in a crummy doghouse in the rain.

Believe me, she’s inside and sleeps on our bed and she’s the happiest dog I’ve ever met in 20 years of working with shelter animals. Yes, she is a shelter dog and we rescued her at six weeks of age. She’s now 11.5 years old and loved by all.

If that’s not enough, none of our HD channels we pay for work. We pay $130 per month for this “service” and get none and they want to keep our cards for payment for months for being ten hours late for…. television.

Dear President Michael White,

DirecTV, you and now AT&T (I’ve been a paying customer of theirs for years as well) have someone to deal with. Your company treats me badly. AT&T does not. A kind letter I tried to send you was rejected by none other than your own PR department. We pay for yet do not get HD channels but no-one cares.

As your company doesn’t care to hear valid complaints from a customer it is going online, in about 30 seconds.

Thanks for your kind consideration of my earlier requests, Mr. White. Cheers! Dee


2 responses to “Bills

  1. Try calling and canceling Direct TVs service. That will get their attention and they will beg to have you back, Special offers for the next 12 months, etc. You can live without TV, you already get the news and movies from online. Just try it.

  2. Thanks, M, but living where we do, we do not have a choice as it’s all tied in. I’ll call A later to find out about Nanny. Tell J I just found out yesterday that the government is keeping all our health info, HIPAA is a joke! I wrote to our Senator and the President about invasion of privacy. Thought he’d like to hear that.

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