Get Passport

For five years I had a computer program with a calendar that also had a priority “To Do” list. For five years my brother tortured me that this was my first priority and had been on my calendar for so long. Finally I went out and got one and went to Europe for the first time.

We were on the phone the other day and he said “Get Passport” was on his list. Get out of here! Stop messing with me, that was years ago! He said, no. He means it. I traveled pre-9/11 mostly except for Scotland, Britain and Italy.

My brother has no more room for stamps in his passport so needs a new one. Wouldn’t I like that to be my problem. I am stuck in the great lakes with a husband who now travels a lot and I get to take care of the dog.  Yee haw!

Our passports are up in two years. Heavens, I’d like a better photo than the last one. Cheers! Dee


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