Yes, my dog, before 7 a.m., vomited all over the lobby downstairs. My husband is not awake yet but as he uses the 16′ leash and is focused on neighbors and doesn’t always pay attention, she probably ate something icky off the sidewalk or park.

I’m certain my butt will be on camera cleaning this up. I apologized profusely and insisted on cleaning it up myself. Now she’s back on the bed and my husband is supposed to be watching her while snoring. It’s Sunday morning, long weekend.

Breakfast? No for the dog. She just passed heartworm and fecal parasite tests the other day. It’s either the pig’s ear we bought her on Tuesday as a treat from the vet visit (no to that) or my husband allowed her to eat something dead while he was focused on a conversation with an interesting neighbor.

My walks are structured. Zoe wears a hand-made Asian silk Martingale collar with a 6′ leather leash. I hold the handle with my two middle fingers and the leash with my forefinger and thumb for control. No, I never designed this, it just works. Yes, I’ll say hi and talk but she is always under my control a few feet away. Yes, we both always pick up after her. Don’t ever worry about that with us.

With agile software guidance my husband must allow compatriots the longest leash (or none) he can in order to make quality work meet delivery demands. Our dog is an eater of dead birds and frogs that she usually delivers 48 hours later on our bed and that’s seven loads of wash, one comforter has to go out to be cleaned with our own hypoallergenic soap.

A focused and methodical nature is what I expect of and receive from my dear physicist husband. This morning, whatever our old girl Zoe ate last night off the pavement came up publicly. It was not fun. I’m thinking of teaching him to use my method. As Caesar Millan would say, calm submissive. I would never say that about people but if a dog is balanced between its owners (he’s the fun guy, I’m the food wench and disciplinarian) all will be well and we’ve done this for 11 years together. Together over 14, married over 12. Pup is now 11.

A life-work balance would work for us as we haven’t had that for a while. We’ll see. Dee

I see that when my husband lets her go in the park or on the pavement she ends up very happy then vomits in a safe place, usually our bed. I don’t mind that much as it’s probably twice a year so I have to do those seven loads of wash anyway. And that’s the way it is, Sunday May 24. Good night. RIP Walter Cronkite. I was only allowed 30 minutes of TV as a kid, not counting my parents watching the news. I liked Flipper. We got an hour if it was Jacques Cousteau, as that was education.Dee


3 responses to “Vomit

  1. I think I’d take a nice uncomplicated pile o’ puke over the muddy footprints, wet doggy haircoats, general dirt n’ disorder associated w/having all these house pets!!! House Beautiful it ain’t.
    I give up on the couch – I think it’s gonna hafta go straight to burn pile…

  2. Your couch? I just learned a recipe to clean our microfiber sofa with a mix of hydrogen peroxide, a couple of drops of dish soap and water. It’s done wonders. And no, our Zoe will not be sent outside to sleep. Dad just did a bad, bad thing! And he is forgiven! News to come.

  3. Dr. V. They want Zoe to take a titer test for distemper, when she’s current and due for a shot in two months. I know no-one will accept her without the vaccine, especially overseas. They also now want to charge us for an 11 year blood panel when she aced the first one at age ten. Zoe is happy and healthy and we just spent $117 for a heartworm test and nail trim. She is a lot quieter on the floors. I just think they want money and may switch. Her health file is way bigger than mine. xoxo D

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