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Definition of “Done”

My definition of “done”

My husband has drilled this into me for over 14 years. I got the lingo all those years ago but not the concept.

As a wife and a dog owner there is never a “definition of done.” There’s always meals to be prepared, a dog to be taken out (OK, Zoe’s poop might be somewhat of a definition of done, yes it’s picked up every time), a home to keep clean and endless laundry, of course.

There was a time when legislators would vote yea on a bill I wrote. I slept well those days. Now I’m worried about bills, husband, dog and more.

In agile, there is a definition of done. You can have sticky notes or a kanban board or white board. You go through the steps until the project is completed. My project is never complete. Even with the home, laundry and cooking I’ve a husband and dog to love. If my job were done, they’d both be gone and that would be too sad. Let’s throw out the definition of done, for me right now. I’ll have to learn to live in the moment and deal with daily impediments. Think of me as an old running back (no, not OJ), running for a touchdown for my family every day. That’ll have to be my definition of done. On to taxes! Cheers, Dee



Yes, my dog, before 7 a.m., vomited all over the lobby downstairs. My husband is not awake yet but as he uses the 16′ leash and is focused on neighbors and doesn’t always pay attention, she probably ate something icky off the sidewalk or park.

I’m certain my butt will be on camera cleaning this up. I apologized profusely and insisted on cleaning it up myself. Now she’s back on the bed and my husband is supposed to be watching her while snoring. It’s Sunday morning, long weekend.

Breakfast? No for the dog. She just passed heartworm and fecal parasite tests the other day. It’s either the pig’s ear we bought her on Tuesday as a treat from the vet visit (no to that) or my husband allowed her to eat something dead while he was focused on a conversation with an interesting neighbor.

My walks are structured. Zoe wears a hand-made Asian silk Martingale collar with a 6′ leather leash. I hold the handle with my two middle fingers and the leash with my forefinger and thumb for control. No, I never designed this, it just works. Yes, I’ll say hi and talk but she is always under my control a few feet away. Yes, we both always pick up after her. Don’t ever worry about that with us.

With agile software guidance my husband must allow compatriots the longest leash (or none) he can in order to make quality work meet delivery demands. Our dog is an eater of dead birds and frogs that she usually delivers 48 hours later on our bed and that’s seven loads of wash, one comforter has to go out to be cleaned with our own hypoallergenic soap.

A focused and methodical nature is what I expect of and receive from my dear physicist husband. This morning, whatever our old girl Zoe ate last night off the pavement came up publicly. It was not fun. I’m thinking of teaching him to use my method. As Caesar Millan would say, calm submissive. I would never say that about people but if a dog is balanced between its owners (he’s the fun guy, I’m the food wench and disciplinarian) all will be well and we’ve done this for 11 years together. Together over 14, married over 12. Pup is now 11.

A life-work balance would work for us as we haven’t had that for a while. We’ll see. Dee

I see that when my husband lets her go in the park or on the pavement she ends up very happy then vomits in a safe place, usually our bed. I don’t mind that much as it’s probably twice a year so I have to do those seven loads of wash anyway. And that’s the way it is, Sunday May 24. Good night. RIP Walter Cronkite. I was only allowed 30 minutes of TV as a kid, not counting my parents watching the news. I liked Flipper. We got an hour if it was Jacques Cousteau, as that was education.Dee

Agents of Change

Hello, I’m Deputy Director Dee from the DAC. Yes, the Department of Agents of Change. I can’t tell you who our director is because if I did, I’d have to kill you.

Seriously, while my husband is a nerd and I majored in what he calls a “soft skills” area of  Sociology/Psychology we are both Agents of Change.

We are brought in by organizations who think they want change. Most do not. It is a dance we do that rivals the Indianapolis City Ballet’s annual Gala. Did you get that, R, J and K? September 8th. Be there.

Many corporate and non-profit organizations know they need to change missions, mindsets, systems but few have the wherewithal to see it through.

Change is painful. It forces one to look at one’s failings and move forward. Perhaps it’s easier for me because of my background. We moved a lot, my father headed several major institutions to create change and I believe in my own philosophy of change that he influenced. Age and wisdom have entered the fray. Hey, he’s 81 and just opened a restaurant and I’m not going in that direction even given the title to this blog.

My husband of nearly ten years believes in change for other reasons. He writes code I could never understand but believes in quality work, honesty and mentoring for change. Hope I put that right, as your alarm goes off to start the day, honey.

As agents of change, when a company or non-profit decides not to change, we’re the first to go. Afterwards, they limp along and may go down as well or continue to slide into mediocrity and beyond.

It is exhilarating when the flame burns, and devastating finding out and knowing that the client never wanted to change in the first place.  This is what we live for. I’ve stayed away from it for a while but when I’m in it, I’m a pistol!

Oh no, now I’ll have organizations all over town recruiting my services! Perhaps for money. Wouldn’t that be grand. Cheers! Dee