My precious trackball mouse gave up with scrolling. It was about $35 eight years ago. They do not make it anymore so others are from $400-650. My laptop is eight years old and a sophomore in high school would probably buy it for $100 because it has extra memory and a new hard drive that cost us way more than that.

No way am I going to spend $600 for a trackball mouse. Now I’m using two,  one just for scrolling. I’ve work to do and switching mice every few seconds means I’m losing time and time is valuable.

I’ve arthritis and this trackball has been very valuable over the years. It is no longer manufactured so my husband has found me a substitute. $32. Not $600.

Perhaps I should bury this at the ranch this winter. I hate using two and do not wish to get used to doing so because of the arthritis so will bury you, but not without accolades and a proper demise. Sorry, I had to switch to scroll. Heaven help me, I cannot do this for life. Dee


One response to “Double-Dipping

  1. I got a new mouse that my husband set up this evening, moving away the two I was going back and forth to use, taking up time. We only have so much time in this life so I favored using one and I’m getting used to it. My husband says I could sell the old one on eBay for three times what we paid for this. I’ll think about it but probably, no. If I keep it a few years it may go up the ladder. No, I am not a hoarder. It’s just a really nice trackball they don’t make any more and the other one may not be great for my arthritis.

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