St. Louis Style Ribs

Here’s what I concocted for dinner last night:

Dee’s St. Louis Style Ribs

I will never make baby back ribs again! My butcher put on sale St. Louis style ribs yesterday and I was up for the challenge, having never made them before.

First ingredient is a large roasting pan. Smaller is OK if you need to cut ribs in half. You will need higher sides than a sheet pan, however.

1 rack St. Louis style ribs

Rub made from equal parts salt, pepper, smoked paprika (pimenton) and 1/3 the amount of sugar (make a lot and keep the rest in a jar, you’ll at least need 1.5 tsp/1/2 tsp. for this rack alone.

Place in roasting pan (cut in half if you must, to fit).

I added ¼ inch of Crispin Hard Apple Cider to the bottom of the pan. Strongbow is one I’ve used in the past with pork roasts.

Cover with foil and bake in a 325 degree oven for at least two hours.

Check on it. I usually do three hours as my husband was on a business call and not ready for dinner.

Make a glaze. I used about 1T each of peach jam, soy sauce, sriracha and a little less honey,  adding a touch of the Crispin to thin it out, the rest to marinate something today. Pour it on and use a brush to get it to every corner.

Keep off the foil to use just in case you have leftovers! Again, my husband was unavailable and I would have liked him to grill it for a few minutes so I could finish up everything else but just took off the foil and left it in the oven for another 30 minutes.

The meat was falling off the bone. It was delicious. I served it with steamed broccoli with soy and red pepper flakes, and a baked potato we split.

Thank you, butchers, for that deal. Now they want my recipe. Cheers! Dee


One response to “St. Louis Style Ribs

  1. Next time I will definitely grill it for perhaps five minutes per side, probably serve it with potato salad and my celebration coleslaw (do you already have this? I’ll check). I’ll also increase the amount of hard cider in it to place in some Granny Smith apple slices in the last hour to braise. I love it when I and others come up with new ideas! It means our world is going to be OK.

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