What is it?

I always wanted it and now I have it. I have enough education, experience and personal knowledge to work through things non-emotionally and distill information for younger folks who do not want to hear a word of it.

Ah, that’s what getting older is about. I know things that no-one wants to learn. Isn’t that a great thing, getting older and having your wisdom go out the window with your hearing, your heart, whatever it may be.

My great aunt gave me her sapphire necklace and bracelet, which I kept in her pewter wood-lined cigarette case. All were stolen and never recovered after a break-in. Luckily I still have her pearl necklace from her wedding in the 1940’s that I wore at mine.

What she gave me was pearls of wisdom. She taught me so much throughout my childhood and beyond. I always thought I did not have a mentor. I had her, and many others and didn’t have the wisdom then to know it. Here’s to age and wisdom! Dee


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