Eight Times a Day

Yes, little one, Mija, miss Lady Zoe. You were six weeks old and you had a kitty come by every day to walk you. What a special girl you are.

Now we’re down to 4-6 outings per day as you’re eleven and will need more as you grow older. I’m up to the challenge. You’ve gone through a lot, crossing the country more than once. You’re a great car dog, Zoe, only awakening at freeway ramps and stop lights.

I have to bring you in for a heartworm test and to get your nails trimmed because the dremel tool your dad bought scares me and I think I’ll hurt you with it.

In addition, I have decided that anything our vet wants to do with you will involve me. I’ve always been the “tech” during nail trims and bloodwork so why not now. You do not want to let your pack leader go. If our vet doesn’t agree we’ll find another vet. You passed your first Senior Panel with honors. We need to stick together good puppy! If I have to go in the back with a mask and gloves I’ll do so.

Even if we go back to 8X walks per day it’s OK with me. I’ll still lift you to bed every night and to the car when it’s OK to transport you. I will always feed you the best food and sometimes when a shred of cheese hits the floor you can eat it.

You’re our girl, Zoe. I’ll be with you no matter what. I promise, Dee


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