537 To Go

Actually 536 after I complete this one. It is always a pleasure to write, and to write for you dear reader. I set my goal at 1,000 posts.

Now I’ve 536 to go before my new goal of 3,000 posts. It is a niche blog and I appreciate your dedication to this site.

I make up a lot of recipes, some from my childhood, many I just make up but don’t test for you or provide tasty photos. Many recipes I love can not be published because I really don’t want to be sued by book publishers and asking for permission is akin to getting sued.

It has always been my method in life and in cooking to share with others. How else does one learn and grow? This blog is something my husband created for me years ago and I was so frightened I researched and did my best serious work, my cookbook and pantry series.

Then I let Dee out and told stories, personal and political. One blog took me off their site because I wasn’t doing 90% food. I let them go. This is not in any way a monetized site and their site is heavily monetized and I want nothing to do with that business. And please don’t invite me to a monetized party. Gals, you know what I mean.

What is the next step? My husband has always wanted me to write a book. I’m afraid of that and don’t think WordPress has a template for it. If I do it I’ll do it from scratch, like my cooking. But I’ve over 500 posts to go to reach my goal so I’ll be around for a while. Cheers! Dee



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