Silent Commands

My husband is brilliant but not good at this or changing toilet paper rolls. He doesn’t send a signal to leave a party. I do. Sometimes he understands that signal.

Who does understand these signals? Our dog. Lucky for us. I learned from my first dog’s trainer nearly 25 years ago to use hand signals for come, sit, stay, down and whatever.

Said trainer would have used German commands for his Shepherds as he ascertained my old dog to be rude and look his Alpha dog in the eye. Verboten. But I learned a lot from him and she went on to a sweet life after being abused by a Deputy Sheriff and dumped at a shelter for a year before I rescued and rehabilated her. She was the darling of the Park and it was so sad to tell the kids she was gone.

Now our “new” 11 year-old dog is the unofficial “mascot” here as she loves everyone and doesn’t pee every time someone pets her head. Hand signals. Silent commands. Learn them. Your significant other will appreciate you for that knowledge.

When my husband needs sleep I can get Zoe out of the room with a simple hand gesture, not a word spoken. For family happiness and all of dog-dom, Dee


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