Strange, yes, but I go through the complicated ramifications of everything done and simplify it. If necessary I fix it. I am a problem solver.

For example, take a recipe for Rosti potatoes, a potato pancake from Switzerland. Recipe instructions were to twist all the water out of the shredded potatoes in a clean kitchen towel. That will stain your towel forever. I just made it easy, didn’t put the shredded potato in water, just placed it right in a hot pan with salt and pepper in bacon fat. Ten minutes covered, flip (you can use a plate) and another ten open and it’s done. Simplified.

If you can, listen to Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You, which she wrote for Porter Wagoner when she left his show back in the day. Then listen to Whitney Houston butcher it in the movies. Dolly’s is all heart and simplicity and sweetness. Whitney’s was a show-off piece. Both voices were great but Dolly wrote it and knew how she wanted to sing it and she didn’t show off even though she could have run circles around Ms. Houston in terms of voice.

The following is is the antithesis of simplicity. Yesterday we honored Cinco de Mayo and I made chicken fajitas. I made my own salsa from heirloom tomato, onion, poblano chili I dry flamed on the stove, salt and pepper and a bit of ancho chili powder and lime juice. Then I mashed avocado, added a tablespoon of salsa and made guacamole with more lime. I marinated the chicken in lime and ancho and chipotle powders and let it sit for an hour before cooking.

Then the sweet onion and green pepper I’d cut was placed in a hot pan with oil to caramelize, taken out and the chicken (minus the marinade) was seared. They were put together while I was dry-toasting the flour tortillas.

It was a put-it-together yourself kind of dinner with grated cheese, sour cream, limes. It would be a great dinner to do for kids as they can help and make their own fajitas. It was a pleasure to make this for my husband and I took time to call my brother to wish him a happy Cinco de Mayo, that’s another story. Dee


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