Country Music

I was a music snob for many years, learning only classical on the violin and piano. Country music? We rarely heard it in the northeast. I barely knew who Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton were but they were a joke in my book.

Not any more. I was weaned on CSNY, Dave Mason, PPM, James Taylor and they were all near and before my time. I missed the 80’s due to work and hating punk rock, then rap.

At age 50 I took up guitar. Guess who I learned from? Johnny Cash. He is such a hero. He was supposed to perform at a venue I worked for and I was supposed to take him to said venue and give my father a check to hand his agent. He was sick, or that’s what we were told (he was in prison in Mexico) so we sent a private plane to pick up Porter Wagoner to take his place.

I love country music. Ten hours in the car listening to only that on the radio with Bible studies on all the other channels is a bit boring. And I don’t relish the music that only says my dog died, wife left me, got fired stuff.

To this day I enjoy looking up lyrics and placing chords to them. I’m still a beginner guitarist. They sent me to learn, private lessons, from a drummer and he didn’t care a whit about me learning music, only wanted me to keep the beat. Yes, we do own Rock Band, Beatles version, but it’s in storage along with my keyboard. I have the guitar here to keep it hydrated.

I’ve never tried before but I see in my head Dolly Parton’s farewell to Porter Wagoner’s show, I Will Always Love You. So simple and perfect. Lyrics would be helpful. I will find the music. It’s in my head. Alas, not my fingers…… Dee


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