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Strong Roots

I just looked at Google Earth to see the tree our neighbors planted for my dog 15 years ago and can’t even find it. I think the haters in the neighborhood planted many around it so no-one would know it was from someone who loves dogs, cats, nearly everything.

A guy in the neighborhood and I had a pact that I’d rescue anything canine or feline, and he’d take in and find owners of anything avian or reptilian, and it worked well. We were on speed dial. I think here people shoot and are asked questions later.

All the trees looked happy and healthy from the above ground view but I can’t pick out Chani’s tree and will have to go there to water it and leave a flower in her memory. Perhaps play Nat King Cole’s “Smile” because she always made me smile and I wanted to play that at her “funeral” when we all placed a cup of water on her tree.

Strong roots, family and helping others in need is always what I do. My dog died 15 years ago. Our new one is 11 and really wants to go to bed. She’s a Superhero called “The Sleeper” and has to start fighting pet crimes in her sleep.

The first was abused by a deputy sheriff and didn’t like uniforms or caps. This one, my dear pup Zoe, seeks out postal workers because she loved Lynn, who still works in the neighborhood and I run into her from time to time at the grocery store. Anyone in blue, Zoe may run up to greet you. Good stories, Dee



Today I dispose of our first tree, ever. As a kid, our parents would get us each an ornament, designate it by initial and year. While I haven’t found those yet, I’ve tried to create the tradition with my husband who says he’s allergic to trees.

We’ve a moose on a trout from his trout-fishing expedition, unsuccessful as I had to catch several steaks at the market. A bear on a sled, a Santa in a kilt, a thistle for me, from Scotland.

Several tagboard ornaments from an event I created over 20 years ago. On the back one says To Dee, Love Helen.

As the sun comes up this morning I like to remember family and Christmas. While we always put up a couple of ornaments on an outdoor wreath this is our first tree in our twelve years together.

When I get up early the sun is not up and I plug in the tree and it’s just happy. It even has a whisk, a reindeer serving cookies and a copper saute pan ornament on it. Next year. Happy New Year! Dee