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That’s so important to me. Caring for and loving my family. My husband is here two days a week. I make menus, trying to eat healthily and make his favorite dishes while he’s with us.

While he is away our only connection is our cell phones and computers. Yesterday someone reported that our cell phones were lost so our provider cut off service while still making us pay the bill. Great move, loser. I’ve the number on the call you made.

I’m still dealing with this issue. I care about Sir W who went to the vet for an ear infection yesterday, I care about Mrs. P whose granddaughters want a date with my dog this weekend (I’ll have to comb her out). Yes, Zoe has play dates. Kids and grandkids. She should be the official elder mascot. The hip-less wonder dog!

Hunger, war, crime, I care. People don’t use me to my full potential. Dee


Strong Roots

I just looked at Google Earth to see the tree our neighbors planted for my dog 15 years ago and can’t even find it. I think the haters in the neighborhood planted many around it so no-one would know it was from someone who loves dogs, cats, nearly everything.

A guy in the neighborhood and I had a pact that I’d rescue anything canine or feline, and he’d take in and find owners of anything avian or reptilian, and it worked well. We were on speed dial. I think here people shoot and are asked questions later.

All the trees looked happy and healthy from the above ground view but I can’t pick out Chani’s tree and will have to go there to water it and leave a flower in her memory. Perhaps play Nat King Cole’s “Smile” because she always made me smile and I wanted to play that at her “funeral” when we all placed a cup of water on her tree.

Strong roots, family and helping others in need is always what I do. My dog died 15 years ago. Our new one is 11 and really wants to go to bed. She’s a Superhero called “The Sleeper” and has to start fighting pet crimes in her sleep.

The first was abused by a deputy sheriff and didn’t like uniforms or caps. This one, my dear pup Zoe, seeks out postal workers because she loved Lynn, who still works in the neighborhood and I run into her from time to time at the grocery store. Anyone in blue, Zoe may run up to greet you. Good stories, Dee