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Today’s Customer Service

This is a note to Swingline Staplers. For many years their products were up to the task. I would not think of staplers as a particularly difficult or complex machine to manufacture, but my last two are toast. The very last one failed with the first staple.

My communique to Swingline:

Comments: I’ve loved Swingline staplers since I was a kid and never had a problem. Since age 50, I’ve had a nice one that started jamming, and just ordered an inexpensive one to keep papers together for an impending move. I opened the box, loaded staples and spent my time with my kitchen needle nose pliers taking those staples out. How can you be the best in the business and provide such shoddy workmanship? It’s tough to have an office without a working stapler. I ordered another brand and would like a refund for the machine I purchased. Thank you.
Contact preference: Email

Their reply:

We do not refund. As we do not sale to concumers. We do however replace under warranty. To get a refund you will have to contact the vendor from whom you purchased it from. If you would like a warranty replacement, just let me know.

* * *

Should I sue for a $4 stapler? Obviously because there was no warranty statement in the box. I will contact the seller, and did use them to purchase another stapler from Swingline’s competitor, Bostitch. I just received it and haven’t even taken it out of the box.

For Swingline to say they don’t “sale to concumers” is a blatant lie. Their products are on the shelves of every office supply store and large grocery store in the USA if not worldwide. This answer means that they do not stand by their product and fault purchasers and retail stores for their manufacturing errors. Where are these products made? I’ve only had problems for a while but keeping personal and work papers secure and together takes a device that costs less than $10 and passing the buck like this is today’s invention of customer service. I guess the buck stops with that other guy, the one in the hat, there. He sold it to you. It’s his fault it doesn’t work right out of the box.

Let’s hope their staples work because I’ve an entire box and am a bit frightened that they may break my new Bostitch stapler. Yes, I am making a point via mountains and mole hills. Cheers! Dee



You love them since birth, get to know each other. Then you learn to rebel in your teens, hopefully go to college and it’s a new world.

You’re two-thirds their equal and then you have a career and are off to do great things with the degree you both bought.

Then you marry and have kids, whoops we missed that last one. We married late for both of us and only have a dog, and neither of my parents ever met our girl. She’s a requested visitor at his parents’ ranch. Best dog in the family. We got Zoe at a shelter at just six weeks of age and she’ll be eleven years old this month.

Just as I take care of my husband and dog it has been time over the past ten years to take care of my parents. Mom has been gone over six years and Dad is undergoing second opinion tests at a stellar hospital. They were there for me. I was there for my mother and always will be for Dad.

My husband is younger and his parents are in good health. He will help me assist Dad and I will be there for his parents and for him if ill health occurs.

I don’t want to make waves but the health care marketplace is not ours and paying in full for health care involves long waits on the phone and no answers, mainly because no-one picks up the phone at major health care companies. Imagine a health insurance company denying service to a full-paying customer. That’s another story, another day.

There are now two heavy, zippered notebooks. One for what is and the other for what might be. Swingline is now making crummy staplers but I’ve a hole punch and lots of dividers for health care, housing, tax deductions, insurance, utilities, et al.

Planning for life is just a little bit of it. Oh, while I’ve loved Swingline staplers for all my life, their products have failed miserably and I’ve had to go with a competitor. My new stapler arrives tomorrow. Our papers in my incredibly organized notebooks require essential items to be placed together for easy sorting. I need a stapler that works. Sorry, Swingline. Cheers! Dee