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The Cable Guys

These guys would visit and spend hours doing something that would take minutes to accomplish.

Years ago these cable guys would come by and disappear for a long time. It turns out they had a van and would go and smoke pot for a couple of hours then return to the job.

After one session with this, the next time they asked for a cable I told them I had one. My husband has kept every cable and wire he’s ever seen in two boxes. Guys, stay put. Let me look. I had the perfect cable and they installed it and didn’t make me and my dog stay around while they trashed our place, which they would have done if we left our home.

Now, they are supposed to take all our boxes/equipment and change to another company. Same me, same dog will be there. No-one will disappear to a van to smoke pot while on the clock as management rules apply to them, not to us. Thank you, husband, for keeping every electrical cord you ever owned. Dee