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We just found out how badly our condos were designed. The cable TV people were here, scheduled last November but they’re here months later and the company is stingy with equipment so I assume someone is sitting in the truck checking things off as they complete this tall building.

The people who designed this place were nuts. This place is all about views. They placed all the cable connections where one cannot have a view. Today, they ran Cat 5 all around our bedroom and living room. We are supposed to stick it to the wall or whatever. There are not enough outlets for devices like cell phones and laptops to be charged.

As a cook, I minimize countertop appliances. Toaster, tea boiler (learned that in Scotland), a 5 qt. Kitchenaid mixer, crock with oft-used utensils and Kitchenaid food processor and a blender. That’s it.

Other electronics are based on the builders’ vision of how people would actually live here. I have something to say about that. They got it backwards. Think when a friend told you to relax and smell the roses. They should have looked out the window and thought “they’d put the bed here or here, Let’s give multiple outlets.

Luckily my husband is a physicist and engineer. He placed the modem in the middle and we also have The Beast of a printer with Bluetooth. I asked the guys not to move the modem or anything my husband set up. Internet, tv are working, faster. Unfortunately until we finish and go wireless, we’ve got about 60′ of Cat 5 wiring going around our place.

* * *

Today I had no Internet because of cable disruptions. I did get to see wings, however, many planes for the Air and Water Show that starts tomorrow and those of the birds that do not need an engine to fly. I almost hear them talking to to each other, seagulls that normally fly alone. What is that Coast Guard fire boat doing out there? All this noise, and the practice for the pilots? We do this, we fly elegantly every day. All we want is to is dive into the bay and get some dinner!  Get lost, humans!

My husband decided to take a different route today, business lunch and our vacation, his several-hour tour of another air endeavor. I got to clean dishes, laundry and floors. Luckily he’ll be back sometime tonight. Cheers! Dee


The Cable Guys

These guys would visit and spend hours doing something that would take minutes to accomplish.

Years ago these cable guys would come by and disappear for a long time. It turns out they had a van and would go and smoke pot for a couple of hours then return to the job.

After one session with this, the next time they asked for a cable I told them I had one. My husband has kept every cable and wire he’s ever seen in two boxes. Guys, stay put. Let me look. I had the perfect cable and they installed it and didn’t make me and my dog stay around while they trashed our place, which they would have done if we left our home.

Now, they are supposed to take all our boxes/equipment and change to another company. Same me, same dog will be there. No-one will disappear to a van to smoke pot while on the clock as management rules apply to them, not to us. Thank you, husband, for keeping every electrical cord you ever owned. Dee