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One person was found in violation of corporate rules. This resident demanded the institution tell that every resident deserved notice that they were in violation as well.

The company actually granted the wish. I think they might have agreed between adopting Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when they went to poppy-land.

It was about decorations. I’ve a welcome mat and a red/white/blue star for July 4 that a neighbor’s grand-daughter, from our kitchen one-step stool proudly hung for us shortly before Independence Day. Usually I’ve the Moose or jingle bells or spring birds hanging on that hook.

I’ve since been forgiven for these transgressions. They were not sins. The only sin is that they let the person who grossly transgressed upon common areas hold them up and then made them tell us we were all guilty. They capitulated so sent us all notices of of our sins of having a welcome mat or July 4th star on the door (with a Command strip, of course, not a nail).

This person is probably still here and holding all of us hostage. This person required notice to all residents that we were all guilty and we were deemed so. That is wrong. I believe we have a right to live our lives with a seasonal door ornament (moose, jingle bells, Independence Day) and door mat to dry boots. My husband hates my moose/bear/evergreen door ornament because it clangs. Oh, well. I have a spring arrangement too…..Cheers, Dee

ps No, I only have four door ornaments. I don’t add, jingle bells are seasonal. Please give neighbors space. I don’t place them on the door at the same time! Dee