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One person was found in violation of corporate rules. This resident demanded the institution tell that every resident deserved notice that they were in violation as well.

The company actually granted the wish. I think they might have agreed between adopting Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when they went to poppy-land.

It was about decorations. I’ve a welcome mat and a red/white/blue star for July 4 that a neighbor’s grand-daughter, from our kitchen one-step stool proudly hung for us shortly before Independence Day. Usually I’ve the Moose or jingle bells or spring birds hanging on that hook.

I’ve since been forgiven for these transgressions. They were not sins. The only sin is that they let the person who grossly transgressed upon common areas hold them up and then made them tell us we were all guilty. They capitulated so sent us all notices of of our sins of having a welcome mat or July 4th star on the door (with a Command strip, of course, not a nail).

This person is probably still here and holding all of us hostage. This person required notice to all residents that we were all guilty and we were deemed so. That is wrong. I believe we have a right to live our lives with a seasonal door ornament (moose, jingle bells, Independence Day) and door mat to dry boots. My husband hates my moose/bear/evergreen door ornament because it clangs. Oh, well. I have a spring arrangement too…..Cheers, Dee

ps No, I only have four door ornaments. I don’t add, jingle bells are seasonal. Please give neighbors space. I don’t place them on the door at the same time! Dee



over the rainbow… That got me a great apartment years ago. I met the owner and he said he’d already rented it but he would take me to see it. $350 per month.

It had great big windows with fold-out shutters (old school), a one bedroom with hexagonal tiled bath and galley kitchen. I loved it and the first thing I saw was a signed 8X10 of Judy Garland. I said, “Dorothy.” He asked where I worked (his dad was a head state judge, I worked as a young policy wonk for the speaker of the assembly) and I knew instantly that both he and his soon-to-be-former tenant were gay.

I got the place. He just told the other guy it was unavailable. It was wonderful to leave my place into which the wicked witch of the west had entered.

Click my heels three times and guess what? It took a long time to meet my prince but I’ve the greatest husband in the world. In addition, a year after we married we adopted Zoe (Greek for life) and we’ve been together nearly ten years. That’s Zoe. Husband and I for 12. Zoe doesn’t look anything like the flying monkeys.

If anything husband is tin man, who has the greatest heart in the world but is judicious in sharing it. Zoe the dog is Scarecrow, who could use a brain tweak now and then.

Who am I? Dorothy, of course. My aunt just sent me and I framed my husband’s favorite work of art, Dee’s crayon Wizard of Oz with a tiny Dee/Dorothy atop the Cowardly Lion. Yes, I was five. I’d send it but they’ve changed the format and I need to learn it first. BTW, I’m in love with the man who shows brains, heart and courage.

Bluebirds fly, so can I. Dee

Judy Garland

helped me get my first solo apartment.

I was up at four this morning, and turned on a documentary about Prop 8 in California and how the Mormon church in Utah drove that debate, spent $22 million dollars (divulging only $2,000 in in-kind gifts, to the IRS), bankrupted church members, and caused many young people to commit suicide.

It was heartbreaking what they did to strong-arm and fund a coalition to change the Constitution in another state that has nothing to do with Utah. The parents of one boy who killed himself wrote a book telling of how much at peace they were after he was gone. Ugh. I would never place any church hierarchy above my children.

Many years ago I hated my new roommate who moved in with me. She was always ironing and telling me how smart she was and how much smarter she was than all of us on staff. Plus she never changed the litter box, only stuck deodorant things on the wall, but said box was next to the frig. Ick. Eating there was a problem, even though I liked the cat, and going out was expensive.

Years later I had cats and dogs but no-one who ever entered my home ever knew it by smell because of two litter pans, unscented litter, scooping all the time and dumping, scrubbing and bleaching every 48 hours.

Regarding the incredibly offensive roommate, an appointment was made for a lovely small 1-bedroom a few doors away. The owner, a young man, met me on the sidewalk and said it had already been rented 15 minutes prior. I was desperate and desolate.

I asked to see it anyway to see what else was going for that rate and he agreed to spend ten minutes showing it to me. I walked in, it was immaculate and on the windowsill was an 8×10 of Judy Garland. I knew right then he was a “friend of Dorothy” and he asked where I worked (politics) and his father was the chief judge in the state and he said: you have the place. It’s yours. I’ll call the other prospective tenant and say it didn’t work out.

The next week I moved in with huge windows and sills, fold-in blinds that made cabinets, seven huge windows including one in the bath, and hexagonal tiles on the bathroom floor. It was freezing in the winter but I loved having freedom and privacy and no roommates!

There is nothing Judy Garland cannot do where rainbows are concerned. She and her friends have helped me often over the years and I like to think I return favors to friends and shared causes. Wishing you well, Dee