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A Lot

First, I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. We did, quietly and went to a lovely dinner with former and current neighbors last evening. I got to make my usual trifle for dessert. We were home before the fireworks started, to take care of our old dog Zoe and assure she was not afraid of the noise.

Our friends F and M often make a great deal about dinner and appetizers. Last night F did a lot of work to make a true American feast. We had BBQ baby back ribs, potato salad and grilled corn on the cob. He never lets me work but allowed me to shuck the corn. Now that they’re a few blocks away we only see them a couple of times a year and it’s always a treat.

We’re going off on a trip to celebrate my father’s 85th birthday. Tomorrow we’ll trim Zoe’s nails (with an expert groomer, not me but I’ll be there to assist and keep her calm). Then she’ll try a couple of hours in open daycare with the older dogs and we’ll see how she does. A couple more of these half-days and I think she’ll be ready for an overnight. Yes, we’re leaving her there for a week. There are many phases to planning the trip, Zoe must be taken care of by the best people we can find.

As to vision, Zoe has an appointment for nails (no polish, thank you) and fun, and I’ve one to get a new lens for my new, expensive glasses I use every excuse not to wear. I’ve only had them for a month. They’re top of the line and there is a sweet spot on the right eye where I can actually see.

The problem is that I was born with a congenital defect. Certain vertebrae did not fully form, a fact I found out 30 years later. When I hit the “sweet spot” on the glasses they cause me spine issues. I’m more worried about my spine than I am a pair of glasses. It’s my first pair of gradiated bifocals and is taking time to learn to “follow my nose” as Zoe does, and use them. It is frustrating.

There’s another matter. Should we prop up my computer and television so I can hit that sweet spot on which I recently had surgery for a growth and was just diagnosed with a tiny cataract. I think the proof is in the pudding. Why keep glasses in the case all the time and use cheap readers for computer, cooking or television? I say make these work and have my old ones work as well if the new prescription is a winner. Old ones will be single vision, not bifocal.

I’ve many visions as to life and world and would love to see them through my eyes as well as my brain and heart. Cheers! Dee



Impromptu Parties

While walking the dog the other day I ran into a neighbor and we cooked up the idea of a neighborhood get-together. Fewer than 20% of our neighborhood is occupied year-round, and we all see each other bundled up for snow or in rain boots for “mud season” (people in other areas of the country call it “Spring”), so why not come out and have a potluck and watch fireworks a mile down the road? Plus we all help each other out when the tourists aren’t here. Take out my dog? Put the casserole in the oven? No problem.

A month ago tomorrow was our last snowstorm. The tulips started coming up but I was told it was not really safe to even plant herbs or flowers until Father’s Day. It started small, with only two couples and may hit 22 by tomorrow morning. I’m only hoping we have enough food. We thought we did and the numbers started piling up and we started asking for wine or beer (even though it’s byob). We have some really good cooks here so I’m looking for stellar salads and desserts. I’ll be making burgers from scratch with some of my signature touches including microplaned garlic and shallots.

I just put up a gallon of iced tea and another of lemonade. I’ve a bag packed with all the napkins, cups and plates I have, and will also bring knives, utensils and non-breakable platters. Let’s hope everyone has a good time and stays long enough for the fireworks. Cheers and Happy 4th! Dee