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Befitting all hallow’s eve, the waning moon arose over a cloudy sky in the distance, showing its face on the water, allowing us to view stars we haven’t seen in a while due to completely cloudy skies for weeks.

We had one Halloween visitor, who spent the past few days staying with me. Miss L, the sighthound, showed up 20 minutes after she was picked up, in a handmade octopus costume. My husband is asleep with his phone on charge so I’ll see what he got in terms of photos in the morning. Purple and white. The only thing that didn’t work is the head. One may sit that on a Golden Retriever but not on a sighthound who actually was able to put her nose in my ear.

My supermarket checkers were Chewbacca and Lance Armstrong. We don’t dress up. The only clothes Zoe wears are gorgeous silk Martingale collars and one rain/snow/sleet/freezing weather coat several times a year when needed. We tried mukluks for her but she won’t do it. Instead I carry her over salted ice in winter. Do you know the old hand-cranked bucket ice cream makers? They used rock salt to make the ice colder, something that really hurts dog paws on sidewalks.

The moon and stars and water are beautiful. Miss L looked so cute and uncomfortable in her octopus outfit. She needed that treat. Have a good night. Dee



This is the time of year for horror flicks, costumes et al. I buy a bit of candy each year but in 20 years no-one has visited. No-one can get in here unless I arrange for everyone with kids to come see us, and I am not into the Halloween spirit.

What is creepy is internet stalking that began yesterday by a local vendor who has my address, phone and other information. There are no good treats to go with that trick. For this individual we’ve a couple of special treats, personal security and video footage, everywhere.

Kids, be careful. Have a chaperone nearby and have your parents go through every treat before you eat one. I’m old enough that certain really nice ladies took the time and effort to make caramel apples and we knew the ladies but my parents still threw the apples away because they heard that nasty people were placing pins in them, long before biological weapons.

One day, long ago, my girlfriend arranged for me to stay with her that night so we could be downtown and go to apartment buildings and get a great haul. I still couldn’t eat any of my candy until I was picked up early the next morning and my parents went through the stash. I swear to this day that my mother swiped anything with chocolate and nuts! No caramel apples, though. Happy whatever, Dee

All Hallow’s Eve

Success! Yes, now we’ll be able to sign up to have kids here visit for Halloween. For years I’ve gone out to buy candy (forgive me for getting boxed raisins as a last resort) and no-one has come.

Kids used to call out my dog’s name when we went to our park. They didn’t come for candy but young friends borrowed my breed book and I was the first person they came to with Sparky, their new Jack Russell. They were so sweet and gave my book back as I met their new pup but never came for Halloween.

I got a basket from the closet and bought squash that can be made into soup at the end of the month and decorated outside. Frugal? Ask my m-i-l.  Dee